Spinach entree with cottage cheese and buttered rice

  A wholesome meal for vegetarians and a paradise for those on diet - this recipe serves as the best resort when the taste buds crave something tangy and spicy as well as something healthy at the same time. Although, this dish dictates Indian cuisine, I would be surprised if its taste would not suit... Continue Reading →

An evening snack for a quick pizza temptation

This recipe calls for the healthiest, lightest kind of pizza. Often, the temptation of tingling the taste buds with some marinara and cheese urges but the fantasy is turned down by the thought of feeling heavy or losing the appetite for dinner later. This one serves perfectly to those who want to maintain low calories... Continue Reading →

A healthier protein pizza

Pizza stands to rule the appetites of many foodies. But, often the disgruntling fact about gaining weight stops the pizza from entering watering mouths. This recipe right here will not only taste like pizza but also prove to be a better replacement to the otherwise bloating, yeast filled, calorie and sodium oozing pizza. Ingredients: 4... Continue Reading →

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