Atlanta and World of Coke

The right time to visit Atlanta, GA is definitely during spring. We had been planning this little weekend with high hopes of warmth finally, after having spent an extra month of winter even though Spring had technically begun in Michigan. The flight landed earlier than expected and gave us sufficient time to be ravenous at... Continue Reading →

Who’s got Flush! – All aboard for Poker

It was our first weekend out after arriving in Michigan. His friends had invited us over for dinner. There were good six of us. We were on our way to their place at Farmington Hills, when we stopped at Walmart for some stuff. I carried on shopping and so did he seem satisfied with a... Continue Reading →

Fur feels at Catfe

Our original plan for Sunday was to go to Catfe, since he had visited this place one time with his friends and sent me pictures while we were just dating. I fell in love with it immediately and he promised me back then that he would take me there. Fell in love, how so? If... Continue Reading →

A birthday weekend at Hocking Hills

A four-hour drive from Michigan may sound exhausting only to touch absolute serenity in South Bloomingville, Ohio - a small town with more trees than people. It is the perfect hill station with great roads that makes the trip a lot smoother. The entire road passes by the Ohio State Park which showed us a... Continue Reading →

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