The exoticism of Bohemian Hookah Cafe

Pacing around the Clifton avenue, after a fulfilling meal, we couldn't help but notice a small entrance located mysteriously between a commonplace bar and just another diner. Who knew that once the door opened, it would have such a long-lasting impression on our minds, that we would visit this den of comfort and flavor even... Continue Reading →

Beachy blues at Bahama Breeze

As open we are, to going wherever one suggests, the name Bahama Breeze brought a sense of summer warmth in the cold winters of Michigan. Awaiting spring had become quite weary, so we set off to meet our springy friends at Bahama Breeze. The night was cold, windy and absolutely bone chilling. The thought of... Continue Reading →

A Mediterranean treat at 2booli

We were in a quandary that evening. The question before us sustained itself rather longer than we had imagined. Given the beautiful, sporadic sunshine that Michigan sees, it felt breezy and pleasant. We thought we should go to the trampoline at Troy, at the arcade that houses many other kids games and indoor fun activities... Continue Reading →

All American with Mr. B’s Food and Spirits

This one was a rather randomly chosen place to be, for we had planned to go to the Rochester Brewery to celebrate his birthday with some new ales and ciders. We kept rounding off the block desperately in search of a parking spot but believe it or not, Saturday nights can be really nasty as... Continue Reading →

A hispanic visit with Isalita

Most often we feel that latino and mexican food find their origins in common flavours. But after having visited Mex as a mexican restaurant, I was eager to find out any difference. We had a couple of friends visiting from Germany who happened to stay the weekend at Ann Arbor, Michigan. Isalita, a small and... Continue Reading →

Sizzling on Black Rock

That evening didn’t turn out as we had expected. After the gym, we wanted to hangout at Indofusion - Resto and Bar, so we drove all the way to Novi which took us about 40 mins only to find out that it had closed down for good! We were starving since it was way past... Continue Reading →

Mex on our plate

To begin with, the monotony of the snow that weekend was broken by the pleasant breeze of coolness and fog. I was tempted to step out and go for a long drive. So he booked movie tickets for ‘Black Panther’ and hence we went to IMAX at Outlet Mall, Auburn Hills. I must say this... Continue Reading →

An afternoon at The Fly Trap

For a late Sunday brunch, we decided to go to Ferndale, Michigan which is quite the hangout place with cafes and bars on either sides of the road. Even so, while driving he told me that there were many clubs and bars in the mid lanes around Ferndale. As we entered The Fly Trap, we... Continue Reading →

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