About us

What is life, if worries engulf us every time? What is life, if fear stops us before trying? Normal people live normal lives. Most of their savings are spent on education and medical needs. But, when life gives us lemons and we don’t enjoy the lemonade, we await those happy, fulfilling and adventurous moments, forever!

Our concept is built upon every individual’s needs to enjoy life whenever, wherever and however possible, because, it is these small moments that make memories and strengthen us in our difficult times.

Using our small pockets, we want to enjoy our life as much as we can, before time runs out. Therefore, we bring to you food stories from cafes, diners, restaurants – big or small, known or unknown – that can perk up your day. That’s not it, plan your weekends and vacations with chronicles of our expeditions – easy on the pocket – so that every one in the family and every friend enjoys to their fullest. Moreover, we have our own signature recipes for you to try at home and spice up your kitchen.

So, go on, let your eyes do the planning!