The Original Pancake House

By far, the most ideal day to picture pancakes, waffles or scrambled eggs and toast served with OJ or coffee is Sunday. Of course, it gets better if the previous night was a party and you woke up feeling too lazy to cook yourself any breakfast that you decide to go for a brunch. This is exactly what happened to us.

Waking up with quite an appetite that Sunday morning, we got ready to see our friends at The Original Pancake House in Royal Oak, Michigan. Usually, 11am is a suitable time for brunch but who knew that upon reaching there, it would take another 35 minutes to just get a table! I then understood the combined value of pancakes and Sunday.

It was a long queue ahead of us but we got a table, no complaints that it was the last one in the corner. Having been to International House of Pancakes, I presumed that this would, more or less, be the same. But, what sets The Original Pancake House apart is their quality of food and preparation thereof. When you order for freshly squeezed orange juice, you get a freshly squeezed orange juice; and NOT from a freshly opened carton instead.

I am loyal to ordering bacon on my side whether or not my main order came along with it. I requested the ham and cheese stuffed omelette with toast while the others went with a a veggie omelette that came with the ordinary stuffing of tomatoes, green peppers and onions. Plus, we ordered the irresistible blueberry pancakes (unbeknownst that the blueberry dressing was served in a small flask on the side). How can we miss freshly squeezed OJ which was refilled nearly thrice because of how fresh, light and tangy it was!

Amid the tempting waft of waffles and eggs in the air, our orders arrived, although we had to wait very long. But, talking about the upcoming holiday plans we had, time flew by without realizing it. Once I tasted my omelette, I believed this is what mankind did best. Oozing cheese out of my omelette layered between the fluffy textures of egg showed finesse in cooking with little chunks of ham that were generously drizzled all over. The others had a similar look on their faces except that they could only taste the freshness of vegetables, but of course, nothing can beat the taste of ham and cheese. Those of you who love ham would readily agree with me on this one.

Finishing through, we reached down to enjoy the blueberry pancake. And the serving on the flask proved to be an excellent option since one could control how many whole berries and how much syrup the pancake needed. Besides, another noticeable fact about the table was that, it did not have mini-flasks of other syrups like maple or butter pecan or original (like IHOP does) which I found a little odd since one should be able to choose their side of dressing whether they are blueberry pancakes or not. I love to experiment with flavours and I would have definitely liked to dress my pancake with butter pecan instead – trying and testing is key!

A few more bites and I think everyone at the table had become desirous of going home and falling asleep. But, with such a satisfied brunch, we had other plans of walking in the Mall – Christmas shopping deals were too hard to resist. I will, however, recommend that if one wants an authentic experience with pancakes or eggs or plain old bacon, The Original Pancake House must be on your list above any other options. It is solely for how they get their cooking just at the right texture, crisp, tenderness and the perfect blend of ingredients.

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