The exoticism of Bohemian Hookah Cafe

Pacing around the Clifton avenue, after a fulfilling meal, we couldn’t help but notice a small entrance located mysteriously between a commonplace bar and just another diner. Who knew that once the door opened, it would have such a long-lasting impression on our minds, that we would visit this den of comfort and flavor even at 1am in the night! The aura encompassing these four walls was far greater than any energy. It would make you feel like ‘there is something about this place, it makes me light’. Well, it was also mostly because of delicious, fragrant fumes coming from several hookah pots that diffused across the atmosphere inside.

As we walked inside, it felt like we had entered a house whose inhabitants were idle over lazy-couches, grand-sized chairs and each one taking comfort in their choice of indulgence with tall majestic hookah pots whose pipes were granting each inhabitant a pleasure that could help them put their woes away. In the center was placed a shelf with books, board games, cards and everything that could probably lighten a tired mind. Overlooking the rest of the room, the lights shone dimly, yet radiantly alike a lavish lounge except with an exotic touch of handcrafted artwork, lamps and such brilliant use of colors filling each empty wall with a recognition of their artists.

Walking over to the counter that served hot and cold beverages to accompany their varied choice of hookah flavors ranging from fruity to citric to combinations of both that suited everyone’s wild side; we ordered orange mint and apple. It always tastes good! And of course, any hookah flavor goes best with a specially made black tea with ginger and mint.

The most interesting part of our whole experience was Sam – the mind behind Bohemian Hookah Place. Sam loves his customers, such that, he always makes them feel like home. His share of experiences make his stories worth listening – hidden are the lessons that define who he is and honestly, he is absolutely endearing, liberated from the common stresses in life and very perceptive. He believes in goodness and charity to those who he finds struggling and deserving of merit. When we first interacted with him, he felt like any other businessman just associating and being friendly with his customers. But, as we frequented our visits, we saw another version of him that was so much more than just a businessman. He is extremely helpful, and passionate about what he does, enjoying his life with a pinch of salt, willing to reach out to anyone requiring his wisdom gifted to him by the grey hair on his head. I think every time that we met him, he had something new to offer.

And on goes our night and another with new combinations of flavors while the majority of the customers who regularly visit the place will continue to abide by their fealty to Bohemian Hookah Cafe, simply because – it’s worth it.

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