Beachy blues at Bahama Breeze

As open we are, to going wherever one suggests, the name Bahama Breeze brought a sense of summer warmth in the cold winters of Michigan. Awaiting spring had become quite weary, so we set off to meet our springy friends at Bahama Breeze.

The night was cold, windy and absolutely bone chilling. The thought of summer coolers with ice would have definitely caused more chills. But, since it was tropically inspired from the Bahamas – a happening summer vacation spot that most of us have to plan excruciatingly, this particular dine-out would sugar coat the experience of being there. I accidentally forgot to carry my age proof and cursed my memory, for I had to let go of ordering myself a cocktail. Nevertheless, I thought, perhaps, if cocktails tempt me this much, mocktails would indeed have my tongue rolling inside my mouth.

A wide entrance opened the gateway to Bahama Breeze which stood grandiosely on four pillars with a small pit full of shrubs and flowers in the center. The doors were opened and a lavish lounging area appeared which extended towards the back of the counter. An alley showed us through the tables up ahead. They had a spacious seating area or must I say, good interior acumen. The tables catered to every number of friends or family. Accordingly, we chose the one for eight and were shown towards a sidelined couch which formed an arc around the table with two more seats on the opposite. Adjoining where we were sitting, sat a lovely family with full of laughter and merrymaking. There was a long table that celebrated a 24th birthday with enough festoons and balloons in the shape of large numbers written in gold. Quite an evening to dine! Behind our table was the open bar surrounded with more seating space spread out over the whole area with the kitchen farther in the front. The place had a vibe of a typical fiesta on the beach. The music with saxophones and exotic beats suited the theme and the mood very well.

Soon after that the waitress had presented us with the menu, I wanted to know all about the cuisine served there. So, I hurriedly grabbed the menu and my eyes skimmed through the pages in a devouring manner. I saw a few preparations common to the American tradition, save the choice of ingredients. But, the menu boasted its kings and queens through the cocktails, while the entrees, salads and burgers played knights, bishops and rooks. The cocktails not only had interesting names but the combinations, blends and juices were tempting the mind to try them all! Alike me, everyone at the table wanted to have their individual choice of cocktails complimenting their moods and give their taste buds a little kick with Bahama feels. We placed our orders for the drinks first and then the food.

When the drinks arrived at the table, it looked like a rainbow with icy vapor mist around the glasses. Since all our drinks came together, that’s what it looked like. With glasses both tall and short, narrow and wide, looking at us provocatively, each one of us picked up our glass respectively and after the ‘clink’ took our first sips…

About me, I had ordered a mocktail Bahamarita which came with three separate layers of fresh fruit crush of strawberry at the bottom, kiwi in the middle and mango on the top blended in ice. It tasted like a candied popsicle with small bites of ice and strawberry and kiwi seeds. The sweetness of the mango met the tangy, sour flavors of the citrus just perfectly. I was contented with it. Every sip tasted differently, sometimes the sweetness of strawberry, sometimes the tangy kiwi and if I drew sips from the top layer then delicious sweet mango, reminded me of the tropics. The others on the table had the classic Pina Colada, Bahama Mama, Margarita platter and more… each of their drinks had such different flavors of fresh fruits, especially with no added sugar, I thought I must resort to these completely – such a ‘healthy’ way to consume calories!

Soon after, the food was served. While everyone else had their share of pastas and salads, I ordered myself an entree of Buttermilk Fried Chicken served in cheesy sauce with tomatoes, olives, black beans and mashed potato. Sitting beside me, he had another entree of Jamaican Jerk Chicken. Mine was bland, soft and buttery with the crispness of chicken and salsa like taste out of the tomatoes, olives and black beans. The Jamaican Jerk Chicken had a roasted pit-fire flavor, with spicy pepper and Jamaican seasoning. The big fat chunks of chicken were tender and juicy in the middle which satisfied his palette fully.

It was late evening after dinner and delicious drinks whereafter, we decided to rendezvous at our friend’s place nearby. The evening transcended into an amusing late night with poker, chess and good lounge music with more drinks, of course.

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