Who’s got Flush! – All aboard for Poker

It was our first weekend out after arriving in Michigan. His friends had invited us over for dinner. There were good six of us. We were on our way to their place at Farmington Hills, when we stopped at Walmart for some stuff. I carried on shopping and so did he seem satisfied with a brand new poker set with 300 pieces and a deck of casino cards. We thought it best to go with dinner that night. So there we were.

The dinner felt humbling because it was put up with such effort. There was a vegan amongst us and they did a fantastic job on the food. To begin with poker, you must have a drink in hand or half the fun is stolen. My beloved enters the kitchen and pours in a relishing combination of strawberries, vodka, lemonade, watermelon juice and to top it – Jack Daniel’s! He can get really creative with booze, I will drink to that.

Poker began with three of us trying to learn the game for good. The explanation had been a lengthy one and I could see we were driving them crazy with doubts but they retained their humour. They almost thought it better to down their cocktails first and then gear up for another lecture! Well, finally, we ended up searching a google image of the poker rules and keeping it handy while playing. It was such a sight to see someone’s turn come up and they go ‘hold on, let me check this…umm.. *looks at the phone*.. okay I’ll fold’.

Amidst laughter and mockery with losses and gains mounting unfairly between us, we lasted until 2am that night. Two of them were still thinking whether they could drive back having had the cocktails and topping it with a sugar rush of brownie with ice cream. Ever since then, I have had the dire wish to gamble and sharpen my poker ability. I just dreamt of how great I could do with it!

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