All American with Mr. B’s Food and Spirits

This one was a rather randomly chosen place to be, for we had planned to go to the Rochester Brewery to celebrate his birthday with some new ales and ciders. We kept rounding off the block desperately in search of a parking spot but believe it or not, Saturday nights can be really nasty as exciting as they seem. The Brewery luxuriously boasts of an 1.5 acre parking space which was incredibly jam packed as we drove in, made a roundabout – scoffingly searching for a spot – and drove out, just like that and on to the road. I loved how the universe signals to you through these tangible means that maybe the Brewery would wait for us on another night.

We entered the by-lanes around Rochester downtown and came across several eateries on the main road. I remembered passing by Mr. B’s when we turned right for the Brewery, so I suggested. Yet, that was not confirmed as we continued to see all other places and certainly eliminated sushi off our pallette. Luckily, having crossed Mr. B’s once again when we returned to the downtown road, we stood at the signal and my conscious eyes gleaned over that one spot just behind where we stood. It was a quite a task trying to fit the vehicle in through reverse, especially with traffic coming over from the behind, moreover during a green signal. We accidentally scratched our mudguard against the pavement trying to park perfectly, at the same time trying to avoid speedy traffic.

Mr. B’s stood conspicuously bold with a simple neon sign that had ‘Mr. B’s’ written in white. It looked like a fine american diner. One interesting thing I found about this place was that unlike most restaurants, instead of having a counter or waiting area at the entrance, they had an open bar! With tables arranged immediately at the entrance, facing the nearly 10 ft long table that bordered a few bar stools, people were seen having a hell of a time. All the tables were occupied with laughing faces, exciting voices and high-fives. On the other side, those on the stools were enjoying their sips with the game on the screen above the bar, or a few just chatting up the bartenders. Whatever little space remained in between these two parties, we made our way in and requested a table for two. The host was happy to receive us and we were escorted to a cozy table in the ante-room of the diner. The neighbouring area was a bigger area with bigger tables and a massive pool table at the end. This place was probably the exact place to be if one had excitement and fun on their mind. We occupied our table and looked around. He spotted a gaming zone behind us at the end of the room. It was a separate chamber in itself with trippy lights and good arrangement for lucky-strike games. The ambience was simple yet cheerful. No matter how simple those chains of lights are, as a preference for lighting, but they sure do a great job of uplifting anyone’s mood and striking all eyes with shimmer of small joys. I am a person who appreciates and enjoys the smaller gifts of life that come as by-products if not as a whole. These lights were one such feeling that came along with great food and spirits for which we were really there for.

The bar had their regular options for scotch, whisky, rum, gin, vodka and well-stocked imported and local beers. We checked out the bartender’s special cocktail. It was the classic apple margarita but with a twist of caramel vodka. It was delicious with that tinge of pungent spirit and sweet caramel apple. Meanwhile, he ordered a local brewed raspberry beer. It always tastes great. To munch on, we had a plate of spicy seasoned fries – a generously overloaded plate I must say – I was almost thinking to myself if we should order another dish. Normally, when we go out for dinners, it’s our experience that if each of us order separate dishes, we end up taking most of it home and making it the next day’s meal. But, it’s rather healthier if we share one fresh dish so that we have nothing left to take home or store for later use. So we just ordered spicy cajun chicken sandwich. It was a massive one. The chicken was fried to the perfect crisp and the cajun pepper was lovingly a part of the batter. I think it could have even been beer-battered. Maybe you could try it out? It was layered with aioli, lettuce and tomatoes, served with more fries! We just couldn’t have them anymore after having finished our previous plate.

A little buzz from the drinks lingered over our countenance as I got excited to check out the gaming zone. I saw that there was a game with mechanical scissors overhead which was to be controlled by the joystick on the game. The scissors were supposed to be moved around to cut the strings by which each of the prizes hung. The whole attraction of the game was the prize. There were headphones, a Samsung S8, an Apple iPod of the 5th gen, a hard drive, and two more gadgets. It was a complete party for someone who loved technology, moreover, free electronics! I remembered that my iPod had battery issues and I was meaning to exchange it anyway, especially after looking at that carrot dangling before my eyes, I couldn’t resist and dragged my partner to play the game. Since we had a five-dollar bill, I needed to exchange it for quarters. So I went over to the counter and requested the change, also, secretly asked them how we could celebrate his birthday. He gave me two options, either I could get $8 off on my bill or I could get a brownie sundae for a lesser price. I chose the latter. I knew that age didn’t matter to him but he loves a cake for his birthday more than anything and feels rather disappointed if he couldn’t cut one. In the meantime that the waiter had begun his planning, we continued to try several attempts at the game. And of course, who was I kidding when I thought I was going to have the iPod. It was tricky and he tried so hard to gain an angle and everytime he missed, we would try again, until we spent about $7! Then we stop. We were out of pennies. Having returned back to the table, the waiter noticed us and rushed inside to get the cake. He settled that beautiful brownie with dripping chocolate sauce and a huge helping of vanilla ice-cream before our eyes. The smile on his face was priceless! We both enjoy small moments of happiness than waiting for the big moment to arrive. The brownie was soft, lightly sweetened and had a lovely aroma of the hot chocolate sauce pervading its cushion.

The birthday went well. To my surprise, Mr. B’s didn’t charge us for the brownie at all. I think even they enjoyed making someone happy that day.

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