Sizzling on Black Rock

That evening didn’t turn out as we had expected. After the gym, we wanted to hangout at Indofusion – Resto and Bar, so we drove all the way to Novi which took us about 40 mins only to find out that it had closed down for good! We were starving since it was way past our dinner time and all of us got busy locating the next best place to check out. There was the regular Buffalo Wild Wings (Bee Dubs as it is called, I concluded it could be short for double ‘Ws’, crazy right?) Anyway, so we entered Bee Dubs and there was a long queue ahead of us, of course, Saturday night it was! As functional and efficient as we can get, two of the gang stepped out on that windy, unexpected chilly evening, booked a table for six at four different places and decided whichever is vacated first, we would head over there. One of the places even handed a small pager for reminder!

After waiting a little longer, we got called at Black Rock. The concept that Black Rock was founded on is intriguing. They have chiseled slabs of black stones into perfect rectangles to hold enough food on the top. They heat this rock to a high temperature and place food on top; especially grilled steaks are served on this to achieve that beautiful smokey flavour. I think it is a great concept because the food always stays hot even after it has been half served and kept on the table.

Their entrance reminded me of an old grand hotel with a roof on top and squared long doors that led to a small cubicle between the outside and the inside entrance. I am glad it felt warm. Upon entering, the first thing I said to my partner was, ‘damn, I love that smell!’ and he agreed with a big appetite. We were ushered from the lounge area, passing the bar counter which was full with party people, into the patio. This was a huge place and never mind the formal or informal seating because they had both! Aligned by the windows were tables for twos and rest of the area was well utilized by long tables for those with the gang. These replicated the English style of seating except for the high bar chairs around the table which looked rather uncomfortable before sitting but our notions were held wrong, for it proved to be a good rest to nestle in. Checking out the bar and food menu took me through a variety of cuisines with sumptuous number of ingredients like artichokes, spinach, avocado, different types of cheese, fritters, tuna, sardine, beef, pork, chicken in forms of wings, ribs, steak, ham, and maybe a little treat for the vegetarians with mac and cheese, appetizing salads or soups. While the bar menu showcased everyone’s choices on the table. From cocktails to beers to champagne and wines, they had it all.

So there were three vegetarians amongst us, quite a task to choose food. But they did their job and focussed more on the bar menu and dessert instead. A regular beer is always a good appetizer to any food but he has to try out new cocktails every place he goes. So he ordered for an exotic martini. For starters, there was cheese fondue with a delicious dip of melted cheddar and sour cream seasoned with lime zest and pepper served with sides of crispy pretzel bread. With the first bite, it had us captivated into the mild dousing flavour. My dish was called Chicken Habanero and his was called Chicken Dynamite. I was hoping that the general bar of spicy flavour would be crossed and it sure did. It looked just like ordinary fried chicken topped with broccoli sauce but as I chewed on I could sense the habanero pepper doing its job. It was a perfect blend of spice meeting bland broccoli. The portion was two big chicken breast fillets which also made a generous part of the next day’s meal!

His dish proved to be a total dynamite as the name called for. There were many flavours going in together. A smoked pork sausage which was spiced with garlic and pepper, fried jalapeno peppers, two big chicken fillets dipped in a tangy flavour of mustard, hot sauce and some aioli with spiced brown rice. Rising from the aroma was that unrelenting, irresistible taste of smoked meat which gave the fullest satisfaction of food.

The finishing touch of this dessert which makes the signature part of Black Rock was the star of that night. It held a strong base of chocolate brownie, over this was an inverted cone of double scooped vanilla ice cream which was then coated with whipped cream and some nuts with a heavy helping of chocolate sauce dripping over it. And for the biggest effect, the waiter lit a sparkler and placed it right on top of this gaping dessert! Although, no one had a cause for celebration that day, I just realized that you don’t need one to celebrate life in itself. And this just made everyone’s weekend worth it.

I’ll recommend Black Rock for party planners and weekend planners because of its spacious seating, aromatic and sinful food experience coupled with the best dessert in town. Also, it is moderately economical, of course, good food comes with good price!

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