Fur feels at Catfe

Our original plan for Sunday was to go to Catfe, since he had visited this place one time with his friends and sent me pictures while we were just dating. I fell in love with it immediately and he promised me back then that he would take me there. Fell in love, how so? If anyone would picture cute little kittens playing all over a person with one hanging around the tummy and one sitting on the shoulder, I wonder who wouldn’t love it!

So here we were, driving downtown Ferndale, entering the neighbourhood that exhibited beautiful snow-clad colourful and well-constructed homes. I happened to ask him whether this place was a house turned into a cafe and he confirmed it. I wondered how they could have managed it but as we stepped inside, the place looked like a cat home. We first sanitized our hands as the sign said outside, took off our coats and there came the owner greeting us warmly with an excitement to see new people visiting as she asked how did we come by knowing this place and he told her about his previous visit. So she showed us around the whole ground floor area which had tile-flooring so that cats won’t scratch off things, smart. There were almost 10-12 cages of different sizes and decorations with furry beds for cats to snooze around all day. I was just amazed at how neatly they kept all the litter boxes, food trays and water bowls at every suitable corner. Cats normally love to be on their own but here was another world, they were playing with each other and chasing one another around. There were a lot of varieties in their breeds too. Some of them were rescued just a week ago then and two kittens were saved from the garage. They were adorably colourful with some cats having white paws, while someone having a black nose, someone fully brown and furry, someone a tabby grey and white. Each one of them named casually – Snowfall, Victor, Taco, Burrito, Peppa and more…

There was another couple that came after us. The guy had clearly just come there to let his girl play with cats. She almost petted every cat and they loved her back. I saw her purchase a T-shirt merchandise which goes into the donation for cats and their needs. They had an option of volunteering to help around with cleaning and maintenance. What motivates a person to be a volunteer is that they can hold cats and cuddle with them for long hours since there were signs outside the new kittens’ cage that said ‘Only volunteers to hold them’. I guess when someone hangs around the cats frequently; the cats begin to acknowledge them as ‘safe people’ and tend to become friendlier. We were hoping there would be more kittens than cats because kittens are more playful. However, the owner told us that there would be kittens around the last week of April since that was their mating period. So it takes about nine weeks for a cat to deliver. They also put them up for adoption which covers most of the initial expenses.

I got enough knowledge about raising cats and having them as pets. It doesn’t seem all that difficult. They had a solution to perhaps everything that the cat could do wrong around the house. But we gave up the idea of adopting a kitten after all and decided to just crash at Catfe again when we feel cat-cozy..

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  1. Soul Gifts says:

    What a nice thing to do – go and hang out with some four legged furry friends. Thank you for the follow – and next time you go visit the cats, give them a pat from me too 🙂


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