An afternoon at The Fly Trap

For a late Sunday brunch, we decided to go to Ferndale, Michigan which is quite the hangout place with cafes and bars on either sides of the road. Even so, while driving he told me that there were many clubs and bars in the mid lanes around Ferndale.

As we entered The Fly Trap, we felt the warmth of a classic old cafe setting and a waft of simmering home blended roasted coffee surrounded by plenty booths and a candid bar area. Normally, it is difficult to choose a meal from the ordinary options of burgers, fries, salads and sandwiches, but this menu was something more. It had an unusual blend of ingredients that only an expert chef could use guaranteeing an amazing flavor.

So I tried Rob’s Chop Chop – it was a generous helping of sprouts, chickpeas, lettuce, ham, salami, olives and delicious dressing of ranch and pepper served with buttery toast. While he ordered a Chermoula Chicken with a side of fries and unlike a lot of places where the fries are either overdone or underdone, these were just perfect. His first bite had him close his eyes and relish the spicy chicken patty, with chermoula sauce, caramelized onions and a bunch of toppings (you’ll personally want to know after trying it). To top it up, he had his regular IPA and there was one happy man!

On the way out, he stopped to go to the restroom and I was just looking around the place when I found these funny sketches of cockroaches doing things like sitting on a beach or visiting a doctor! The whole wall was dedicated to these musings. After he got out, I pointed out these to him and all he said was, ‘Yeah, that’s why it’s called The Fly Trap.’

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