A birthday weekend at Hocking Hills

A four-hour drive from Michigan may sound exhausting only to touch absolute serenity in South Bloomingville, Ohio – a small town with more trees than people. It is the perfect hill station with great roads that makes the trip a lot smoother. The entire road passes by the Ohio State Park which showed us a few deers, wild rabbits and a couple of ducks while driving.

The place we chose to stay was Honey Ridge – a luxurious cabin with ample facilities as if a family were living there – owned by Beth and Chuck Marousek. The cabin fulfilled our fascination of ‘cabin in the woods’. Everything was homely; from having coffee flavours to utensils and from all kitchen appliances to amazing reads on the shelves and of course, a grandpa’s big old rocking chair at the corner. They have a beautiful deck that opens to the seamless woods and also a big table for cards and cocktails. The fall colours will come to life there! And we plan to visit once again that season. Sitting with a cup of perfect coffee while it was raining outside is such a trigger for love.

Even pictures convey less than what is actually felt at Ash Cave and Cedar Falls. The scent of forest musk, moss, frozen water, wet soil, lurking shadows of rocks and that tranquillity of the deepest silence was just captivating. It was a little difficult to walk in wrong shoes over the hiking trail which was wet by the continuous rain but careful not to slip, we were engulfed by the sight. The nature is endlessly big and we, just particles.

We had our lunch at Jimbo’s Burger place which was the first stop towards Laurelville. As cozy as it could be with cool beer signs, flat screens and a surprisingly well stocked bar even in such remoteness. He had his favourite Blue Moon and I tried a watermelon flavoured beer – Mike’s Hard. To go with it we had sandwiches; the menu was elaborate, I had the option of making my own while he went easy with a regular grilled chicken. The food was fresh, flavourful and quite filling. All of this went rather easy on our pocket as compared to Michigan. At dinner, we tried the Hunt Brother’s Pizza – cheese with onion and jalapenos. This small trailer also housed a versatile collection of knives and crossbows for hunting and of course, lot of beers and on-the-go stuff.

And the next morning, we woke up to fog, mist and clouds covering grasslands and hills, the trees had their leaves shed off and were moistened by rain which emitted that irresistible fragrance of nature’s divinity. I never felt like leaving.

An early breakfast at IHOP with scrambled eggs and strawberry pancakes was contenting and so was the drive back home.

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  1. Anne Sandler says:

    Thank you for visiting and following my blog. Your writing is great. I felt like I was there with you. And, I want those pancakes!!


    1. Thank you for reading our story! Keep following for more exciting adventures and relishing food reviews!


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